Definition of Mydialer Leads Status

2019-07-07 03:52

1. DNC -  The caller press i.e 2 to be put on the DNC list so the dialer will not call them back

2. FAILED_TRANSFER - The Potential customer press 1 but the call was not successfully connnect to the destination or the customer did not wait and hung up 

3. LISTENING - if you are running a Voice Boradcast msg the msg is been played

4. LIVE_TRANSFER - There is a live Potential customer is speaking to one of you agents 

5. NO_ANSWER - the dialer range the number but the call never connected 

6. NO_RESPONSE - The msg was heard but the customer/ call got hung up 

7. TRANSFER - the caller press 1 and sopken to your agent  

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