how to use Agent Pause Codes

2019-05-28 17:04

When the agents login, the agent is able to see all the features and get all the call information, there is a resume
on the pause bottom, technically when they hit resume that means the agents are ready to take calls, when they hit pause
for some reasons they are not ready to take calls
the pause codes allow you to control what they are doing, or the supervisor to see what they are doing during the day

to setup a pause cause go to:
Campaign>Pause Codes>select the campaign ->start creating the pause codes
Pause Code: BRK Pause Code Name: Break Billable: YES Click ADD
Pause Code: LUNCH Pause Code Name: Lunch Billable: NO Click ADD
Pause Code: BATH Pause Code Name: Bathroom Break Billable: YES Click ADD
Pause Code: COACH Pause Code Name: Coaching Billable: YES Click ADD

Go to the Campaign>Detail View>scroll down until you see the Agent Pause Codes Active: FORCE (Recommended), After hit SUBMIT

Force means that everytime the agent hit pause it will give you one of the reason why are not taking calls

Agent Pause Codes Active -Allows agents to select a pause code when they click on the PAUSE button in the agent screen. Pause codes are definable per campaign at the bottom of the campaign view detail screen and they are stored in the agent_log table. Default is N. FORCE will force the agents to choose a PAUSE code if they click on the PAUSE button.

Please see agent screen below: 


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