how to create AC_CID (Area code Caller ID )

2018-11-13 21:33

AC-CID (Area Code Caller IDs)
Allows you the ability to set custom caller ID numbers per campaign for outbound calls by area code. You can even set multiple caller IDs per area code. Any calls placed from the campaign to leads in the indicated area code, will display the phone number in the “CID Number” field as their outbound call ID. To add an entry, indicate the area code to be called, the Outbound CID that should appear, a brief description, and click “submit”. This page also shows a list of all active AC-CIDs for this campaign.

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1.- Access Unidial Server using a browser
Areacode: Ex, 214
Outbound CID: 12143214567
Description: Texas


If the System Setting for Areacode CIDs is enabled and the Campaign setting for Use Custom CallerID is set to AREACODE then you have the ability to define Areacode CIDs that will be used when outbound calling to leads in this specific campaign. You can add multiple callerIDs per areacode and you can activate and deactivate them each in real time. If more than one callerID is active for a specific areacode then the system will use the callerid that has been used the least number of times today. If no callerIDs are active for the areacode then the campaign CallerID or list override CallerID will be used.

Once you complete loading all AC-CID AREA CODE CID please contact celerity Tech Support to complete the process.

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