How to use Scripts

2018-09-14 22:37

Scripts can be set for outbound campaign and also for Inbound calls

A) Actual Campaign setting for outbound calls

B) In the Inbound Grup for incoming calls 

To Add a new Script you have to go to:  Scripts>Add A New Scripts and you will see the next fields:

Script ID: This is a short name of a script. This needs to be a unique identifier. Try not to use any spaces or punctuation for this field. Max 10 characters, minimum of 2 characters

Script Name: This is the Title of a Script. This is a short summary of the script. Max 50 characters, minimum of 2 characters. There should be no spaces or puntuation of any kind in this field.

Script Comments: This is where you can place comments for an agent screen Script such as -changed to free upgrade on sept 23-. Max 255 characters, minimum of 2 characters.

Active: This determines wether this script can be selected to be used by a campaign

Script Text: (Insert Tags): This is where you place the content of an agent screen script. Minimum of 2 characters. you can have customer information be auto-populated in this script  using --A--field--B-- where field is one of the following fieldnames:

Hello, can i speak with --A--first_name--B-- --A--last_name--B-- please? Well hello --A--title--B-- --A--last_name--B-- how are you today?

This would read-----

Hello, could i speak with John Doe please? Well hello Mr. Doe how are you today?

for Outbound calls

Campaing>detail view>script -->Select the script added before

For Inbound Calls

Inbound>Add A New In-Group>Script -->Select the script added

and under Get Call Lunch Select Script  

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