how to increase or decrease the Dial Ratio Per agent

2019-07-07 04:09

1.- Go to the server via the browser

2.- Go to Administration

3.- Go to Campaign

4.- Dial Method and select Ratio

Dial Method  -This field is the way to define how dialing is to take place. If MANUAL then the auto_dial_level will be locked at 0 unless Dial Method is changed. If RATIO then the normal dialing a number of lines for Active agents.

Auto Dial Level -This is where you set how many lines the system should use per active agent. zero 0 means auto dialing is off and the agents will click to dial each number.

Auto Dial Level Threshold -This setting only works with an ADAPT or RATIO Dial Method, and it must be set to something other than DISABLED and the number of agents setting must be above 0.

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