Can't make any manual Outbound Calls

2019-07-07 04:36

If the case is that the agent can't make outbound calls please check the Manual Dial Filter settings (see below) under the campaign:
1.-Go to the server via the browser
2.- Go to Administration
3.- Campaigns and select the Campaign
4.- Go to Detail View
5.- Check for Manual Dial Filter to be setup as NONE

Please also keep in mind to check if the number is a valid number when dialing manually

Manual Dial Filter -This allows you to filter the calls that agents make in manual dial mode for this campaign by any combination of the following: DNC - to kick out, CAMPAIGNLISTS - the number must be within the lists for the campaign, NONE - no filter on manual dial or fast dial lists. CAMPLISTS_ALL - will include inactive lists in the search for the number.

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