How to Block nuisance callers

2019-07-07 19:03

In case you want to block number(s) due to nuisance callers, please follow next:

1.-Go to the server via the browser
2.- Go to "Filter Phone Group" and verify if the BLACKLIST is already configure by default, if no you can create a new one clicking on "Add Filter Phone Group"

 3.- To Add a number to be on the Blacklist you have to click on "Add-Delete FPG Number" once, you have to added it as below:
Note:make sure to add the number with the 1 + area code + number and also area code + number
ex: 13055555555 and 3055555555


To operate this function you need to go to:

4.- Inbound ->Show DID, Select the Inbound Number (THIS MUST BE DONE FOR EVERY SINGLE NUMBER YOU HAVE AND ADD)
5.- Go to Filter Inbound Number: Group
Filter Phone Group ID: Blacklist

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